Marc-kensen Curvinglines

My art is a visual representation of ideas in my head; those ideas tend to be bending without necessarily breaking hence my preference for curves. I studied Mathematics, I write poetry; to me, art, poetry, and geometry are all intertwined as a means for me to express my feelings, my intentions, my understanding, my confusion, my wishes, my ignorance as well as my knowledge, my despair, and my hope. I create art not to refine my realities, or perceived realities, but to encode them, to allow them to transform themselves to challenge myself as well as others, and/or to adjust to different perspectives. I think that art is only superficially about seeing, for it is fundamentally about feeling, thinking and communicating.

My art pieces are about synthesizing opposing ideas such as bringing disorder into order, and vice-versa, allowing the mask to reveal the secrets behind such mask in defiance of the mask wearer.  I do not have a formal art education but I believe that just as any language, human beings are born with a predisposition to create and engage in art.  I see myself as engaging in an activity that is demanded by human instincts. I would describe my art as a hybrid of abstract and concrete liaison. A realism that resides not at the surface but in the depth on reflection, inspection and curiosity.

As Sartre would argue that any human particularity is a human universality, it is in this existentialist context that we are all universals in our own particularities. We can see this idea clearly manifest itself in the mathematical concept of a generator: Every single one of us generates the full extent of humanhood  just as the number 1 (one) generates the entire set of integers.

Just as all human beings, I am a set of competing contradictions: I like and dislike; I love and I hate; I build and I destroy.  I was born in Haiti, but immigrated to the United States as a teenager. I have served in United States Army, and I have been a Math instructor, an avid emerging writer in three languages, and a Haitian Kreyol advocate, all experiences of which I am extremely proud but I am mostly proud of being the father to the most beautiful little girl on this planet: My little angel, Khyra. On a final note, none of this would have been possible without the unflinching dedication, and partnership of Claire Judine Saintil.

I hope that my art communicates with you, and that you personally find something uniquely “you” in them. After all, we may all be different at the surface, but we are certainly same below that surface.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my visions.